It is widely known that Rose Quartz symbolises unconditional love and is associated with the Heart centre. As we fast approach Valentines Day we wanted to dig a little deeper and discover more about the famous ‘Love Stone’, its origins and metaphysical healing properties.

Rose Quartz is from the Quartz family however it is still a mystery to Scientists exactly how the quartz aquires its pink colour on formation with much debate in the research community.

This fascinating and beautiful pink coloured stone has a history steeped in myths and legends dating back to ancient Greek, Egyptian and, Romans Civilisations as well as Tibetan and Oriental cultures.



Renewed Love

In ancient Greek mythology the answer to the pink colour of the quartz was told through the legend of  Greek Goddess Aphrodite and her lover Adonis who were inseparable. Adonis was attacked by Ares (the God of War), in a rage of jealousy who came in the form of a wild boar; Aphrodite rushed to save him and caught herself on a thorn. Her blood mingled with his and the blood stained the white quartz to a pink. Zeus took pity on the Lovers and returned Adonis to heart broken Aphrodite 6 months later !! This legend has led to Rose Quartz becoming a symbol for reconciliated love.

Divine Beauty

Egyptian Goddess Isis is said to have used rose quartz in her beauty ritual to maintain divine beauty and youth by massaging river tumbled rose quartz around her eyes and cheeks. This insight was passed down through generations and it has been reported that rose quartz facial masks have been uncovered in Pharoahs tombs!


Rose Quartz 3

Token of Love

Rose quartz is said to have been an important talisman for the Assyrians who crafted the stone into jewellery during the time span of 600 – 800 BC with the Romans also using rose quartz as seal of ownership !


Love Vibrations

Rose quartz crystal energy can be described as soft, gentle and feminine; vibrating along the lines of the Heart Chakra.

If used properly the stone is said to have the power to heal emotional wounds and awaken our hearts with purifying self love. Allowing us to let go of any past fears and resentments and accept the love of ourself and others.

Key vibezzz : Love and compassion, friendship and companionship, healing and balancing, soothing and nuturing, tolerance and forgiveness

LB Chakra Heart Chakra Anahata

Heart Chakra | Anahata | अनाहत

Crystal Tips

To align yourself to the energy of this crystal wear a rose quartz pendant over your heart.

To attract love place the stone in the relationship corner of your home (The furthest right hand corner from the front door!)

Place your crystal under your pillow or near your bed absorb the soothing energies of rose quartz and for good nights sleep.

Wear rose quartz at work for protection against gossip !

This particularly good stone for proffesionals in the beauty industries to support their career.

When working with crystals for healing purposes always remember to use our mini crystal cleansing guide found on the CHAKRA SERIES product pages to make your crystal truly belong to you !


The rich history of this mystical love stone dating back to ancient civilisation knowledge is mind blowing. In our day and age we have only really discovered the tip of the iceberg (Or crystal!) to the possible magical uses of this stone although it is very apparent that if you want to manifest and share love – this is the ultimate tool.

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